In our increasingly technological society, at every moment we generate data intentionally or accidentally. It is the geolocation of our moves via our smartphones. It is the simple fact of paying with a credit card. If this information is not initially spatialized, it can be geocoded for visualisation or spatial analysis. DataPartner can go with you in your projects aimiming at this type of goal, through the use of simple and proven methods. In the context of data visualization, cartographic themes are an aspect of our know-how. As an example, below, a project to create the country data sheets, “automatically” generated, with generic data describing these states. Data are retrieved from this site.

Our skills also include spatial analysis (image segmentation, dot density map, kriging, etc.). For example, the figure below shows a project that aimed to automatically delineate the boundaries of a watershed. There are various methods for carrying out this type of analysis, some of which are free solutions. The interest of the project was to evaluate its feasibility in pure R code, by way of segmentation and automated analysis of the image. The digital elevation model (DEM) is initially segmented (left image), then the different spatial units are grouped according to their altitudinal relationships. This makes it possible to delineate the watershed whose chosen outlet  here is pointed by the red crosses at the top of the two images below.

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